Social Bookmarking with Diigo and

A social bookmarking site allows users to access saved and shared bookmarks from any computer.
This short video explains what exactly social bookmarking is.

These tools let you:
  • store your bookmarks in one place and access them from anywhere
  • share your bookmarks with others
  • tag bookmarks to create specific lists
  • create groups and lists to share your bookmarks
  • highlight pages
  • add sticky notes for yourself, your group or the public
  • capture and annotate images

An overview of Diigo

Social = Sharing
Diigo and allow you to share any or all your bookmarks with friends, colleagues, students, or the world.
Users can create or join common-interest groups to contribute and share specific bookmarks

The Toolbar
To use Diigo effectively and easily, you should install the toolbar. You can install the toolbar on your home computer and your classroom computer. The toolbar works with any Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome). Here's a short video on installing and using the Diigo toolbar.

Diigo in the Classroom