A podcast is an audio or video file that people download and play on their computers or iPods.

Podcasting in Plain English


Vocaroo a web-based program for easy audio recording. The recording can be downloaded to your computer or the code can be pasted to a blog or wiki. There is no limit on the length of a recorded message.
Audacity - audio recording - free software to record and edit audio and music.
podOmatic a web-based program offers mixing tools and instant placements in all key directories (including iTunes) in order to make podcasting easier.

Podcast Hosting - places on the internet where your podcast can "live." PodBean - a free and easy way to publish your podcasts
Podcast Alley

Vodcast-video podcast
In addition to an audio podcast, you can also create video podcasts. The Flip Video Camera is an easy tool to us to capture the action.

Microsoft Movie Maker is a free program to view, edit, and arrange video clips in a movie. Download Movie Maker for Windows XP here. Download the Windows Vista or Windows 7 version here. Microsoft provides a Movie Maker Teacher Guide. This website
from the Georgia Educational Technology Training Centers has many links to resources for Movie Maker.